We implement a variety of modalities to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of our patients. CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is the most widely used form of talk therapy. In it, we address belief systems and patterns of behavior that are having a negative impact on your life and implement healthier skillsets to challenge these patterns. Gestalt therapy is a modilaty that focuses in on your current emotional state and implements techniques to maintain self awareness and be present with your emotions. Motivational Based Interviewing is a Q&A technique often used to disprove maladaptive belief systems and allows you the space to come to your own conclusions about the direction you want to go!

Our Philosophy

The Environmental Box of Self

Often times our problems are the culmination of our surrounding conditions and our reactions to them. It often times can feel like we have boxed ourselves into a certain way of living that has created issues for us in our lives. At Interactive Counseling, Inc. we help to properly define our conditions and disprove the False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). Once breaking through these perceived obstacles, we are able to truly embrace change as it comes and consequently get back to growing deeper into who we were meant to be.