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We are a private practice located in Delray Beach, FL offering individual, group and family therapy sessions to adolescents and young adults. We are founded in the belief that 3 simple steps can lead to fulfillment and happiness; embrace change, inspire growth, and live whole.

Our Three Steps



Embrace Change

Change is difficult, uncomfortable, scary and sometimes frustrating. It is also an amazing teacher and indicator of growth. Also known as the "universal constant," change is inevitable. When embraced, change becomes a useful tool in developing growth and a deeper sense of self. 

Inspire Growth

Growth does not always require inspiration, however inspiration will always lead to growth. Inspiration is a byproduct of self awareness, creating a drive to continue discovering facts about yourself you have never known. 

Live Whole

Living whole isn't just a mantra or something we "get to" when we retire. Living whole is the culmination of joy and happiness that is created when we have grown so comfortable with ourselves we are not affected by life's ups and downs. 

 Specializing in CBT, Gestalt, and motivational based interviewing. Most commonly treating depression, behavioral issues, substance abuse, anger, and isolation, we have found that these symptoms often stem from how we box ourselves into our environment. 

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Meet the Founder

Josh Simon, LCSW is the founder and creator of Interactive Counseling, Inc.